Culture is not a bad thing (so long as it conforms to Islam), and every group (or ‘tribe’ as per Quranic language) has one. Why should indigenous Muslims compromise our tribe’s contribution to the ummah as minorities in immigrant populated centers in our own land? While these immigrants are good brothers and sisters that are doing as best they know how, doesn’t it seem like their cultures and habits of organization often get in the way of establishing Islam in America? Is promoting Islam to non-Muslims even one of their key priorities? Should Americans branch out and go solo for the sake of establishing Islam in our land, while keeping good relations with immigrant communities? Doesn’t it make sense that if Islam will be established anywhere that it must be the indigenous people that will have to do the work? Are we (or even other Muslims for that matter) living up to that responsibility? Rather we get busy living, or get busy dying! 


Freedom! Muslim Congress

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Indigenous Affairs

The theme of this year’s Muslims Congress conference is “The Divine Concept of Freedom”. It will be in Kansas City, MO on July, 1-3. Let’s use this conference as a platform to meet each other and unify. One of the themes of this years conference will be “Indigenous Affairs”! How can we make use of this MC conference to further the indigenous cause? What should we hope to achieve? See you there!  Register Now! 

Live Free or Die!

Posted: February 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
 “Those who worship God for the hope of gaining- they’re not real worshippers- they’re merchants.  Those who worship God out of fear (of punishment)- they’re slaves. And those who worship God to be greatful to their Creator, they are the FREE people, and their worship is a real one.” -Imam Hussain (peace be upon him)       [Biharul Anwar, Vol. 78, pg. 117]  
“Live Free or Die” was General John Stark’s motto from the original American Revolution. Sure enough, the worth of ‘freedom’ seems self-evident, and you’ve been exposed to it as a sacred tenant of American political philosophy (religion) your entire life, but you know there’s something wrong- you may not be able to explain it- but you can feel it. It’s that conviction that has brought you here looking for answers . . . You know what we’re talking about- don’t you? Others know there’s something wrong too, but until they are ready to free their mind to other possibilities they’ll remain so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that binds them, that they will fight to protect it. This is your chance. Turn back and you can continue with your normal life and believe whatever you want to . . . but to confront the fear of change, risk leaving what you know for a greater life, and having the boldness to seek true freedom is a choice that can only be made by you. So are you going to get busy living, or get busy dying?