Free from the culture of others!

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Indigenous Affairs

Culture is not a bad thing (so long as it conforms to Islam), and every group (or ‘tribe’ as per Quranic language) has one. Why should indigenous Muslims compromise our tribe’s contribution to the ummah as minorities in immigrant populated centers in our own land? While these immigrants are good brothers and sisters that are doing as best they know how, doesn’t it seem like their cultures and habits of organization often get in the way of establishing Islam in America? Is promoting Islam to non-Muslims even one of their key priorities? Should Americans branch out and go solo for the sake of establishing Islam in our land, while keeping good relations with immigrant communities? Doesn’t it make sense that if Islam will be established anywhere that it must be the indigenous people that will have to do the work? Are we (or even other Muslims for that matter) living up to that responsibility? Rather we get busy living, or get busy dying! 



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